Email Templates

What can I include in Email Templates?

You can include the following things to your email template 1. Custom Variables : You can click on ‘{{}}’ symbol on the template to create custom variables. For ex. You can create two custom variables in your template {FName} and {LName} Hi {FName} {LName}, And when anyone tries to embed the template in the email, […]

How do I create email templates?

All Hiver users (Admins as well as Non Admins) can create email templates. Admins can view and edit all the templates, even if they are not shared with them. Non Admins can view and edit only the templates which have been shared with them. You can follow the given steps to create a new template […]

How do I embed a template into an email

While composing an email, click on this button to open the email templates pane: In the pane that opens, just click on a template to embed it into the email you are composing. You can also search by the template’s name or subject to locate the template you want to use.

Can I use email templates from Outlook, Mac Mail etc.?

No. Currently, you can use email templates only if you’re using Gmail from the browser. You’ll need to install the Hiver browser extension to use email templates. You can download it from

What are email templates?

Email templates let you save some text, and easily embed it any email you are composing with just one click. Its a great way to save time that would otherwise be wasted in writing the same or similar emails again and again. You can also share your email templates with other users in your Hiver account. […]