Security and Privacy

What access permissions does Hiver need to my Gmail/Google account, and why?

Hiver needs the following permissions to your Gmail/Google account to operate: “View and manage email from Gmail“: Hiver uses this to monitor new emails arriving in your Gmail. We look at new emails, see if a shared label is applied to it or not and share is across users if needed. The sharing action requires […]

Does Hiver store my Google password?

No. Hiver neither requires nor stores your password. As part of the sign in process, you provide your password to Google, and we use something called OAuth to interact with Google’s servers. Hiver will never ask for or store your password.

Is anyone reading my email?

No. No human ever reads your emails that are handled by Hiver. Our support team might look at your mail only if you contact us with a problem that you are facing with our service, and give us explicit permission to access your email to fix the problem.

Do you store my emails on your servers?

Emails that you share using shared labels are not stored on Hiver’s servers. Please note that the emails might stay on Hiver’s servers for upto 1 hour while they are being synced between Gmail accounts. But this is temporary storage, and is cleaned up automatically. Do also note that we store the message ids of […]