Shared Mailbox

How do I use the Shared Mailbox feature?

This feature lets you and your team manage a shared email address like, etc. Start by setting up a Shared Mailbox to work with Hiver. For this, go to the Hiver admin panel, and click on the “Shared Mailbox” link on the left pane. You’d be guided through the steps to set it […]

How can I send email as or from the shared mailbox email address?

This can be done using Gmail’s ‘Send email from different address’ feature. Here are the instructions to set it up: 1. Sign in to your Google Apps email. 2. Click the in the upper-right and select Settings along the top of any page, and select the Accounts tab. 3. Under Send mail as, click Add […]

What happens if I get a reply on a closed email in a shared mailbox?

After you have marked an email conversation in a shared mailbox as “closed”, a new email sent on that email conversation by anyone who is not in your Hiver team would automatically mark the email conversation “open”, and you would then be able to see the email thread under your open tasks in the shared mailbo. […]

What does the Collision Alert feature do?

The Collision Alert feature alerts you if you’re going to reply to an email that someone else is already replying to. This is very useful in customer support, where customer queries reach many agents, and anyone can start replying to any of the queries. Please note that the Collision Alert feature works only if atleast […]

What happens if I trash an email in my shared mailbox?

The email will get deleted from Gmail for the user who trashed the email. For all other users, the email will disappear from the shared mailbox, but the email will continue to stay in their Gmail and would appear in search results.

What does the Shared Mailbox feature do?

This feature lets you  and your team manage a mailbox like, or directly from your Gmail accounts. Its great to access all new emails coming into such shared accounts, delegate those to your team-mates, and collaborate on them. The email account that you are sharing with this feature, like, can be a […]

How to manage a delegated mailbox with Hiver?

Hiver is a great tool to replace scenarios where access multiple people need to access a single account and deal with the emails being received in that account. One way of dealing with this using native Gmail or G Suite features is to use the inbox delegation feature Gmail. This Gmail feature lets multiple people […]

How can I enable or disable browser notifications?

Browser notifications show up as pop-ups when you’re logged in Hiver on your browser. This notifications are shown for new tasks and notes, and they look like this:   To switch desktop notifications on or off, log into Hiver in your Gmail, and click on the Hiver icon in the Hiver toolbar. You can switch desktop […]

How can I add an auto-responder to my Shared Mailbox.

You can set up your Shared Mailbox to automatically send a response every time a new email is received in the shared mailbox. To do this, go to the Shared Mailbox section in the Hiver admin panel, and click on the gear icon for the Shared Mailbox to go to settings. On the settings page, […]