Shared Labels

What does the Collision Alert feature do?

The Collision Alert feature alerts you if you’re going to reply to an email that someone else is already replying to. This is very useful in customer support, where customer queries reach many agents, and anyone can start replying to any of the queries. Please note that the Collision Alert feature works only if atleast […]

How to color code your Shared Labels?

Color coding Gmail labels is a common practice for Inbox organization. Using Hiver you can color code the Shared Labels such that the whole team follows a uniform color code. Admins can control (set/ change) the color coding from the Admin panel and it will be reflected in all the users’ Inbox. If a user […]

How can I have synced emails marked read when anyone in my team reads them?

This can be done with the Shared Label advanced option called “Sync Read Status of emails”. With this option switched for a shared label, the following applies to all emails that have been shared with the label: 1. When anyone the email is shared with reads the email, it is marked as read for everyone […]

I don’t want to sync the old emails in my shared label. How do I do that?

You can stop Hiver from syncing existing emails in a shared label by switching off the option to sync old email under advanced options for the shared label. Just edit the shared label, go to advanced options, and switch it off. While setting up the sharing for a label with a large number of existing […]

How do I let others reply to shared emails on my behalf?

This is possible through a Gmail feature that lets a Gmail user send email as another user, after getting the required permission. You can read more about it here: If you need any help setting this up correctly, just write to us at, and we’d be happy to guide you through the process.

Can Hiver handle moving emails between shared labels?

Yes, Hiver handles that pretty well. If you move an email from a shared label to another one, Hiver would do that in all the email accounts between which the email thread is shared. This happens because Hiver sync’s shared labels removals across inboxes. You can learn more about that here:

Once I have shared an email, are replies and follow-up emails automatically shared?

Yes. For all emails received in Shared Mailboxes or shared a Shared Label, all replies and follow-up emails on the conversation are automatically shared between the same set of users. If you are not using the Shared Mailbox feature, then you can optionally switch off the automatic syncing of replies and follow-ups for all your Shared Labels […]