What access permissions does Hiver need to my Gmail/Google account, and why?

Hiver needs the following permissions to your Gmail/Google account to operate: “View and manage email from Gmail“: Hiver uses this to monitor new emails arriving in your Gmail. We look at new emails, see if a shared label is applied to it or not and share is across users if needed. The sharing action requires […]

Hiver permissions

Hiver asks for certain permissions. Please find the reasons for asking the permissions as below   1. View and manage email from Gmail : Hiver needs this permission to monitor new emails arriving in your Gmail. We look at every new email to check if it has a shared label or not. If it has […]

How do I delete my Hiver account?

Log into your Hiver admin panel at, and then select “Account” from the top. In the dropdown menu that opens, select “Delete Hiver”. You’d then be able to delete Hiver from the next page. Additionally, you should also remove the Hiver browser extension from your browser if you had that installed. Do note that […]

I got a Hiver invite, and was logged into the wrong Gmail id. What do I do?

This can happen if the invitation email was forwarded to you from another address, or if you were logged into multiple Gmail account from the same browser when you logged into Hiver. Here’s what you need to do to fix it: Log out of Hiver by clicking on Log out of Gmail. Make sure […]

Why does the Hiver iOS app requires me to login to Gmail twice?

The Hiver iOS app runs on top of the Gmail web app, so it requires the user to stay logged in to Gmail. This is somewhat similar to how the Hiver extension works inside Gmail on desktops. The first login is to authenticate the user in to Hiver using OAuth, and the second login is […]

How to let my Google Group allow anyone to post emails?

If you want to set up a Google Group (or a group in your G Suite account) as a Shared Mailbox in Hiver, you must allow users outside the group and outside your organization to send emails to the group. To do this, please follow these steps: 1. Go to your G Suite dashboard. You […]