What and How

What access permissions does Hiver need to my Gmail/Google account, and why?

Hiver needs the following permissions to your Gmail/Google account to operate: “View and manage email from Gmail“: Hiver uses this to monitor new emails arriving in your Gmail. We look at new emails, see if a shared label is applied to it or not and share is across users if needed. The sharing action requires […]

How can I send email as or from the shared mailbox email address?

This can be done using Gmail’s ‘Send email from different address’ feature. Here are the instructions to set it up: 1. Sign in to your Google Apps email. 2. Click the in the upper-right and select Settings along the top of any page, and select the Accounts tab. 3. Under Send mail as, click Add […]

Hiver permissions

Hiver asks for certain permissions. Please find the reasons for asking the permissions as below   1. View and manage email from Gmail : Hiver needs this permission to monitor new emails arriving in your Gmail. We look at every new email to check if it has a shared label or not. If it has […]

What are the administrative features available to admins and non-admins in Hiver?

In Hiver, admins can: 1. Create Shared Mailboxes, Shared Labels, Shared Contact Groups and Email Templates 2. Add/Remove users to the Hiver account or to¬†Shared Mailboxes, Shared Labels, Shared Contact Groups 3. Upgrade their Hiver plan Non-admins can: 1. Create Shared Labels without being able to force approval of added users 2. Create Email Templates […]

Can I use Hiver from email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail app, Android etc.

You can use Hiver’s Shared Labels and Shared Contacts features no matter what email client you’re using. The shared labels would show up like any other Gmail labels show up on your email client. And your shared contact groups would work like any other contact group. However, Hiver’s other features like email notes, templates etc. […]

Can I add any Gmail or Google Apps user to my Hiver account?

Yes. You can add any Gmail user, and any user from any Google Apps domain into your Hiver account. To do this, go to the “Users and Groups” section in your Hiver Admin panel and invite any Gmail/Google Apps user. They would get an email inviting them to join your Hiver account.  

What kind of email ids can I use Hiver from?

All Gmail users can use Hiver. That includes users with Google Apps accounts. Please also note that you can add any Gmail user into your Hiver account and collaborate with them. This means that Google Apps users who are using Hiver can collaborate with users outside their domain using Hiver.

How do I get started with Hiver?

Just download the Hiver browser extension from http://hiverhq.com/download, reload your Gmail and you’d be guided through the setup process.

Whats Hiver for?

Whats Hiver for? Hiver lets you easily manage shared email addresses like support@mycompany.com, jobs@mycompany.com etc. and collaborate on these with your team. Hiver helps your teams collaborate right from their email inbox, helping your Support, Sales, Project Management, Recruitment and Operations processes become more efficient. Here are some of the key tools Hiver offers: Shared […]

How to manage a delegated mailbox with Hiver?

Hiver is a great tool to replace scenarios where access multiple people need to access a single account and deal with the emails being received in that account. One way of dealing with this using native Gmail or G Suite features is to use the inbox delegation feature Gmail. This Gmail feature lets multiple people […]