All Hiver users (Admins as well as Non Admins) can create email templates. Admins can view and edit all the templates, even if they are not shared with them. Non Admins can view and edit only the templates which have been shared with them. You can follow the given steps to create a new template or edit an existing one

1. Go to the Hiver Admin Panel

2. Select ‘Email Templates’ from the left panel

3a. To create a new template click on the green button ‘+Create New Email Template’ and you will be guided through the process

3b. To edit an existing template. select/ search it from the list and click on the button ‘Edit this Template’

4. Click on ‘Save’ to finish the process.

Tip : The ‘Subject’ from the template is copied on the email. The ‘Name’ is not copied anywhere on the email and is for internal reference only. You can play with the Name and add keywords to it which will help you to search.