Hiver asks for certain permissions. Please find the reasons for asking the permissions as below


1. View and manage email from Gmail : Hiver needs this permission to monitor new emails arriving in your Gmail. We look at every new email to check if it has a shared label or not. If it has a shared label, then we share it across other users. This sharing action requires us to “create” a new email in other user’s Gmail too.

2. Permanently delete emails from Gmail : Hiver needs this permission for the “Snooze” feature. When an email needs to be bumped back to the top of the Inbox, the email is actually deleted and re-created.
Apart from that, we are building a feature (in beta) which allows users to sync their trashing action with other users in their group. So when an email in a shared label is deleted, we trash the email for other users too. Apart from that we do not use this permission.
3. Create update and delete labels :  Hiver needs this permission for the “Shared Label” feature. When you create a new Shared label and assign users to it, Hiver will create the label in the Gmail of all other users in the group. Similarly, when a user deletes a Shared label, then Hiver deletes it from the Gmail too, if applicable.
4. Compose and send new email : Hiver does not need this permission unless you are using the Send Later or Email tracking feature. Emails scheduled to be sent later are stored as Drafts in your Gmail. Hiver will automatically use the Smtp access to send that draft when the scheduled time arrives. Similarly the Email tracking features, requires us to change the email body (by embedding a invisible tracking image) in the email body, before the email is actually sent.
5. View Settings Labels and Filter : Hiver needs this permission to set up the “Send As” feature automatically for user who are using Hiver Shared Mailboxes. Shared mailboxes enables users to send emails with the group email id.  We don’t need the Filter settings but it comes along with this permission.