Account Management

Create and manage users

To enable the members of your team to access shared mailboxes or shared labels, you will have to add them as users on your Hiver account. There are two ways by which you can add new users to your Hiv…

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Roles and Permissions

Hiver users can be assigned roles which imply the actions that they are allowed to perform. There are four pre-defined roles available by default. But one size does not fit all and hence, Hiver allow…

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How do you take payments

Our payments are processed by Stripe stores your credit card information on its servers and bills you automatically every month. Please note that your credit card information never reache…

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3rd Party Cookies

Hiver is a browser-based extension for Gmail for which you should have your Content Settings configured to Allow Third Party Cookies. Find the following link to find the option to Allow Third Party C…

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Export Data

You may want to export the data that is stored with Hiver in our servers. Only users who have the role which give them the permission to access to shared mailbox settings can export the data. Data th…

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Delete Hiver Account

In case you choose to discontinue Hiver, you can request deletion of your Hiver account by following the instructions given below: Click on the yellow Hiver icon on Gmail and select the 'Admin Panel'…

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Updated 8 months ago by Tejas Kinger