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To enable the members of your team to access Hiver, you will have to add them as users on your Hiver account. There are two ways by which you can add new users to your Hiver account. 

A user on your Hiver account can be a part of one or more Shared Labels and Shared Mailboxes.

Adding new users to the Shared Labels and Shared Mailbox

You can add new users to your Shared Labels and Shared Mailboxes. When you do so, they will get an email from Hiver which will contain the instructions required for them to join your Hiver account. 

1.Select Shared Mailbox to find the list of all the Shared Mailboxes on your Hiver account.

2. Select the Shared Mailbox for which you want to add a new user, here we will select the Shared Mailbox 'Support'

3. Click on the green button 'Add User'  

Adding new users from the Admin Panel 

You can add new users from the Hiver Admin panel.

Click on the green gear icon on Gmail and select 'Admin Panel' to go to the Hiver Admin Dashboard

  • Click on the 'Users' option(fifth tab from the top) to find all the users on your Hiver account displayed
  • Click on the prominent green button 'Add Users' and you will be guided through the process.

You will also find the option of deleting users from your Hiver account on the same page.

There can be multiple Admins on your Hiver account. You can add/ delete Admins from the same Users page as mentioned above.

Managing G suite groups in Hiver

If you have added Hiver from G suite Market Place then Hiver will pull all information about Groups from your G suite account. If you add/ remove users from your G suite account then you have to manually update Hiver by initiating a Sync. To do so 

1.Click on the green gear icon on your Gmail and select 'Admin Panel' to view the Hiver Admin Dashboard

2.Click on the 'Users' tab( fifth tab from the top) to view the options 

3.Click on the 'Groups' option 

4.Click on the 'Sync users from Gsuite' button to  initiate the 'Sync'.

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