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Hiver admins can export the data that is stored with Hiver in our servers. The following is a list of data that can be exported:

  1. Email conversations: The following information about the email conversation threads which are currently shared using Shared Mailboxes and/or Shared Labels
    1. The subject of the email
    2. Email message id 
    3. Name of the user to whom the email is currently assigned
    4. Status of the email (open/pending/closed)
    5. Tags which are applied to the email conversations.
  2. Email Notes: All notes that your team has written on all email conversations.
  3. Email Templates: All the Email Templates in your Hiver account.
  4. Shared Drafts: All the Shared Drafts in your Hiver account. 

Here's how you can export the data

  1. Click on the green gear icon on Gmail and select the 'Admin panel' option to view the Hiver Admin Dashboard
  2. Click on the 'Settings' option (5th option from the top) to display the options 
  3. Click on the option 'Export Data' tab to open the Export Hiver Data screen. Here you can select the fields that you to export.

Once the export is completed, an email containing the link to the folder containing the XML files would be sent to the user who had initiated the export. 

Please note that while an export is in progress, another export cannot be initiated. 

You can go to to learn more about viewing XML files.

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