Managing agents' availability

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In cases where agents are unavailable but have not marked themselves as such, admins/supervisors can step in and manually mark them as offline to prevent missed chats.

To manually select agent's availability:

  1. Click on the “User Availability” option near top-right
  2. A new panel will appear and you will see a list of (refer below screenshot):
    1. The current chat inbox with a drop-down menu to switch to other chat inboxes,
    2. Its corresponding participants and their online/offline status, and
    3. A global toggle option to mark all participants of that particular chat inbox as offline or online
[Tip: Admin/supervisors can use this global option to mark all agents as offline during non-working hours]
  1. You can now select to either mark all agents as offline/online or select individually.
[Note: An agent marked offline in one chat inbox will automatically be marked as offline for any other chat inboxes that they’re members in]

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