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The 'Email Capture form' collects contact information (Full name, email address) from a visitor whenever they start the chat for the first time. It’s used for:

  1. Sending a follow up to the customer if the query is not resolved during the chat
  2. Helping the support team in identifying any previous conversations with the same visitor
  3. Helping the sales team with lead generation
[Note: Email Capture form is enabled by default.]

Changing “Email Capture” setting

  1. Go to your chat inbox settings > “Email Capture”
  2. Use the toggle switch to enable/disable it
  3. You can use the “Form heading” field to include a heading which can provide more context or information about your form (Note: To remove “Form heading”, keep the field blank)
  4. Click on “Save” to apply your changes

Disabling “Email Capture”

  1. Go to your chat inbox settings > “Email Capture” option > Toggle it off
  2. A dialogue box will appear to let you know that disabling “Email Capture” will turn off chat transcripts for visitors. This is because the transcript (chat summary) to visitors can only be sent if their email addresses are captured.
  3. Click on “Turn off” and then “Save” to apply your changes

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