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Unavailability settings help you set the messaging for visitors when all chat agents are offline OR not responding to chats within a certain time duration (which are then considered as ‘missed’ chats).

  1. Go to your chat inbox settings > Unavailability settings
Unavailability settings include:

  1. Message for visitors when all agents are offline: Your chat widget will appear offline to visitors and they will see this message displayed. It is triggered when all your chat agents have marked themselves unavailable through the Hiver settings menu OR an admin/supervisor has marked agents as offline through the user availability panel.
Tip: You can use this message to let visitors know of an alternative contact method like an email address or phone number. This can be a means to deflect chat queries to another channel in your non-working hours when agents would be offline.
  1. Send reminder for chats awaiting first reply: Switched off by default. This option allows you to select a team member(s) to notify via email if a chat has not been responded to within the set time duration.
  2. Mark chats as missed if not acknowledged in time: Switched off by default. You can enable it if your team works on an SLA (service level agreement) in which each customer chat should be responded to, otherwise will be considered as missed by the system.
    This is also useful if you want to send an automated message to the visitor after they have waited for some time so that they can go to an alternate channel for help. You can customize this message as needed and also notify folks inside or outside your chat inbox using an email alert when a chat is missed.
Tip: If you've set up automated transcripts and have enabled missed chat setting- the transcript of a missed chat will contain the information that it was missed (for tracking and visibility).

This chat will be considered ‘missed’ and you can select to send an email alert to a team member.

  1. Set chat inbox to offline when multiple consecutive chats are missed: Switched off by default. If a defined number of chats are missed back-to-back in a period of 24 hours then all agents in that chat inbox will automatically be marked as unavailable.
    The chat widget will then appear offline on your website displaying the message that you set under the setting "Message for visitors when all agents are offline".
    You can also select to send an email alert to a team member.
  2. Click on “Save” to apply your changes.

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