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PLANS: Enterprise Only

Your customers can provide feedback about their experience. Which in turn will let you track your team's performance and measure how well a job they are doing of keeping your customers happy.

When you enable CSAT, any of your Hiver users can insert a quick survey at the end of their email responses. The survey is designed to maximise the response rate by being quick and simple while also gathering the essential data: a positive or negative rating. Customers can also provide a comment if they want. You can view your overall score and individual ratings in the analytics section in the CSAT tab.

1. Enable CSAT

CSAT is a Shared Mailbox level feature and needs to be enabled for the Shared Mailbox before users can start sending the survey snippets.To enable CSAT :

  • Click on the  gear icon and select the 'Admin Panel' option to view the Dashboard.
  • Click on the 'Shared Mailbox' tab to view the list of Shared Mailboxes on your Hiver account.
  • Go to Shared Mailbox settings click on 'Enable CSAT'

2. Send CSAT survey

  • When CSAT is enabled for a Shared Mailbox, hit reply on any email.
  • Once you have drafted your reply, click on 'Insert CSAT link' to insert the survey snippet in the mail body.
  • The snippet is attached beneath the signature.
  • You can remove the snippet by clicking on the close button 'x' besides it.

3. Customer View

  • Your customers can click on any of the emojis to record their feedback.
  • Customers will then be prompted to add additional comments if they wish along with the rating and submit.

4. Analyse responses

  • When enabled you should see a 'CSAT' tab in the analytics section for that Shared Mailbox.
  • You can view the breakdown of all the ratings received for that mailbox here.
  • You can view all the comments submitted by your customers.
  • Click on the mail icon in a comment to view the email conversation that was rated.
  • Track the Satisfaction score for your Shared Mailbox.

What is Satisfaction Score?

The Satisfaction score is a KPI for your team managing the Shared Mailbox. It gives an overall idea of how well your team is performing with regards to keeping your customers satisfied.

Satisfaction Score = [Number of Satisfied ratings - Number of Not satisfied ratings ] %

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is the most straightforward of the customer satisfaction survey methodologies, and it measures customer satisfaction with a business, purchase, or interaction. A big strength of Customer Satisfaction Score lies in its simplicity: It's an easy way to close the loop on a customer interaction and determine whether or not it was effective in producing customer happiness.

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