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Once Asana Widget is enabled for a shared mailbox, all members in the shared mailbox will be able to view the Asana tab on a conversation view’s right pane.


Every shared mailbox member can log in with their Asana account to view and manage tasks for a conversation. 

  1. Open any conversation and switch to the Asana tab on the Hiver right panel 
  2. Click on the Login with Asana button and follow the authentication prompts

If you wish to connect a new Asana account, you can click on the widget menu in the top right corner, click the Switch Account button and follow the authentication prompts.
If you wish to completely Logout of Asana, you can click on More Options on the top right corner and click on the Logout button. 
Once logged in, you can view all linked tasks for a conversation. Please note that you will only be able to view tasks that you have access to on Asana. 

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