Collaborating with other users

Shared Drafts for shared mailbox

Plans : All You can share your Gmail drafts easily with your team-mates who are using the same shared mailbox. This is specially useful in cases where you want your colleagues to review your draft or…

Updated 2 years ago by Deepanwita

Shared Notes for shared mailbox

Plans : ALL You can use shared notes on emails to communicate with other users of the shared mailbox. For every conversation, you will find a box in the Hiver widget on the right side of your Gmail w…

Updated 9 months ago by Deepanwita

Email templates for shared mailbox

Email templates let you save some text, and easily embed it into any email you are composing. It is a great way to save time that would otherwise be wasted in writing the same or similar emails repea…

Updated 8 months ago by Deepanwita