Bulk Actions

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You can perform one function on multiple emails from a Shared Mailbox at one go using the Hiver Bulk Action feature.  

You can take the following actions at a time on multiple emails.   

Assign to 

  • Select multiple emails at one go 
  • Select the 'Assign to' option to assign it to a user.
  • You can choose the 'None' option to 'unassign' all the selected emails at one go.

Change Status To 

  • Select multiple emails at one go
  • Select the 'Change Status To' option to change their status to 'Closed', 'Open' or 'Pending'.
Apply/ Remove Tag
  • Select multiple emails at one go
  • Select/ deselect Tags from the list and click on 'Apply' to save changes.
A maximum of 50 emails can be processed in one bulk action.

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