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Bulk Actions

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Using Bulk Action, you can perform an action on multiple emails of a shared mailbox at once.

Actions that you can perform

Assign to 

  1. Select multiple emails at one go 
  2. Click on the 'Assign to' icon to assign the emails to a user.
  3. You can choose the 'None' option to 'unassign' all the selected emails at one go.

Change Status

  1. Select multiple emails at one go
  2. Click on the 'Change Status' icon to find the option to change status to 'Closed', 'Open' or 'Pending'.

Apply/ Remove Tag

  1. Select multiple emails at one go
  2. Click on the 'Apply Tags' icon to select tags from the list in order to apply on the emails.
A maximum of 50 emails can be processed in one bulk action.

How to choose emails for bulk action

You might want to apply bulk action only on selected emails only. You can use the views feature to do so.

  1. Create a view which satisfy the conditions of the emails that you want to choose.
  2. Apply bulk action on the emails in that view.

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