Generating Permalinks

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 The email permalinks feature lets you get a privately/publicly share-able link with the content of any email conversation from your Gmail account. To get a permalink for an email, 

  • Open the email.
  • Click the button as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Select the type of permalink you want by using the drop down 'Who has access'.

You can generate two types of permalinks : 

1. Accessible by anyone who has the permalink URL (public permalink)

This type of permalink will contain all messages that were there in the Gmail conversation at the time of creation of the permalink. New emails received in the Gmail conversation will not update the content on the permalink. Further this permalink will be a publicly accessible link, which means anyone who has this link can access the email conversation messages.

 When you generate such a permalink, a copy of the emails is stored on Hiver’s servers.

2. Accessible by users who have access to the email (private permalink)

This type of permalink can only be generated for emails which are shared via Hiver Shared Mailbox/Shared Labels . The permalink will be accessible only to users with whom the email is shared. If a user with whom the email is shared opens the permalink, they will be redirected to the email conversation in their inbox.

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