Reverse order of messages in a conversation

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While using Hiver, users are required to enable the Conversation View in Gmail. This, however, comes with certain limitations, like having the most recent email at the bottom of the conversation. This forces the users to scroll through all previous emails to get to the latest one. 

With Hiver, users now have the option to see conversations in the reverse order, i.e., the latest messages in a conversation first. 

This is a user-level setting with which Hiver users can now change the default Gmail behaviour so that they can see the latest email at the top of the conversation. 

On enabling this setting, the following changes will also occur: 

- reply and forward buttons will be seen at the top of the conversation.

- drafts will be found at the top of the conversation irrespective of which email it was created from.

This is an individual user-level setting and will not be applied account-wide.

Choose the order of messages

To choose the order of emails on your user account, 

  1. Click on the yellow Hiver icon on your Gmail 
  2. Click on 'My Settings' 
  3. Find the option 'Reverse order of messages in a conversation' under Preferences in Basic Settings.

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