Tracking Emails

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Hiver Email Tracking feature lets you know when the the email you send  is opened by sending you a notification.

Switching the email tracking feature on or off 

When you’re composing a new email, click on the button shown below to switch on email tracking for the email. 

The email tracking will be set for the individual email only and not for the whole conversation thread.

How Does The Email Tracking Feature Work?

When you switch on email tracking for an email through Hiver, Hiver includes an invisible pixel of image into the email. When the person you send the email to opens the email, their browser or email client loads the image, which then tell us that the image has been loaded. We then notify you about this event.

How Accurate Is The Email Open Tracking Feature?

When Hiver tells you that an email has been opened, you can be completely sure that the email has indeed been opened. But as for emails that Hiver does not notify you about, its likely that they might have been opened too. This is because some users set their email clients to not load images by default. That stops our image pixel from loading, which keeps us from knowing that the email has been opened.

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