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For every Shared Label, you can specify 'Advanced Options'. You can find this while creating or editing Shared Labels.  Choosing it would give you a drop-up menu with five options, namely:

  1. Sync label removals across inboxes (Label Removal Sync)
  2. Copy shared emails to inboxes.
  3. Sync old emails.
  4. Sync Read Status of emails.
  5. Do not ask users for approval.

These options appear as check boxes. The ones with the tick-mark are enabled ones.

1. Sync Label removals

When this option is checked, then whenever any user removes a Shared Label from an email, the same Shared Label is removed from that email from the Mailbox of all the users with whom the email is shared with.  

2. Copy to Inbox

With this option switched OFF (default), shared emails are only added to the label that you are sharing, and do not appear in the Gmail Inbox. If you switch this ON, shared emails would also start appearing in the Inbox (along with being added to the label).

3. Sync old emails

With this option switched ON (default), emails that already had this label before it was set up as a Shared Label in Hiver will be synced between the Gmail accounts of the users added to the Shared Label. Switch this OFF if you don’t want to sync old emails.

4. Sync "Read" Status

This option will synchronize the "Read" status of the email with all the users with whom the email is shared with.

This option comes disabled by default. You can enable it while creating the Shared Label.

When a new user is added to a Shared Label, all the  existing emails under that Shared Label will get synced with that new user with a  "Read" status.

5. User Approval

With this option switched ON (default), users are not asked for permission when labels are shared with them. They’re just sent an email informing about the new shared label.

 Additional Features

The following options are available under the Account tab on the Hiver Admin panel.  

  • Shared Labels - Sync Read Status Default 

Enabling this option will synchronize the 'Read' status of the email with all the users it is shared with.  

  • Shared Labels - Share sub-labels automatically

Enabling this option will share all the sub-labels automatically. You wouldn't need to manually share the sub-labels.

  • Shared Labels - Sync Replies automatically

Enabling this option will sync all the follow-up emails that are sent to an email with a Shared Label.

This option will only be displayed if you do not use a Shared Mailbox. The Shared Mailboxes will require all replies to be sync'd by default and thus, this option is enabled by default and is removed from the Settings page to avoid any confusion.

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