Analytics for Gmail Shared Labels

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NOTE: Shared Labels feature has been discontinued.

Hiver's Analytics for Shared Labels provides you with insights into your email volumes, helps you analyze your team's performance and identifying areas needing improvement. 

Accessing reports for a Shared Label

  • Go to the Hiver Admin panel.
  • Click on the Shared Label tab to see the list of active Shared Labels on your Hiver account.
  • Click on the trends/ graph icon on the far-right of the Shared Label name to view the Report. 

Shared Labels Report Explained

You can choose the time frame for which you want to generate the report through the 'calendar' box.

Overview pane

 This is the first part of the report. The fields of this part will also let you see a 'percentage' change. It will compare the data of the period you selected with the data of the immediately previous time period, for e.g., if you choose a report for the month of May, Hiver will compare the data for the month of May against the data for the month of April and display the percentage change. 

These reports are calculated on the basis of email  conversations and not individual emails.

All conversations

The number of email conversation threads that have been tagged with the Shared Label during that time frame is displayed on this card.  

New conversations

The number of email conversation threads that were newly tagged with the Shared Label during the selected time frame is displayed on this card.   

Average Response Time

This is the average amount of time your team takes to respond to emails that have this Shared Label.

Average Conversations/day

This is the average number of conversation per day with the select Shared Label.

Individual user level data

The bottom part of the report consists of two tabs where all the data is drilled down on an individual level. The tabs are:

  • People - Individual details of all users in this Shared Label.

This tab displays the details of the individual user, the number of email threads on the chosen label that they've participated in and their average response time.

  • Labels - Other Shared Labels applied on the selected Shared Label along with number of conversations

This tab displays the number of emails that had other Shared Labels which have the selected Shared Label. This is useful when more than one label is added to an email. The total number of conversations for each additional Shared Label is displayed here.

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