Shared Notes for Shared Labels

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You can use Shared Notes on emails to communicate with other users with whom the email is shared with through Shared Labels.  For every conversation, you will find a box in the Hiver widget on the right side of your Gmail where you can write and view Notes.

Direct a Shared Note to a user

Shared Notes can be created and seen by any user who is a member of the Shared Mailbox. 

  • @username : You can do a @username to direct a Shared Note at any user. The user to whom a Shared Note is directed at, will receive a notification
  • @all : To direct the Shared Note at everybody use a @all
  • And if you don't use '@' at all, the Shared Note will stay there as a comment which can  be seen by anyone reading the email. 

Using Color to Highlight

You can add a background color to notes. To do this, 

  • Click on the note to expand it
  • Click on the ‘dropper’ icon at the bottom right of the note

You’ll then be able to choose a background color for the note.

Search Notes

You can search for notes just as you search for email, from the same search window. 

Notes Search

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