Manage Shared Labels

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You can make changes to a Shared Label at any point of time after it has been created. You can do the following changes

  •  Change the list of users it has been shared with.
  • Change the Advanced Options.
  • Change the Nesting structure.

Follow the given steps to enter the changes.

  • Go to the Hiver Admin panel. 
  • Click on Shared Labels from the left panel to see the list of all Shared Labels on your Hiver account
  • Click on 'Edit' on the right of the Shared Label which you want to change.
  • The Edit page will open where you can make the changes.
  • Click on Save.

 Deleting a Shared Label 

  • Go to the Hiver Admin panel.
  • Click on Shared Label tab from the left panel.
  • Click on 'Trash' icon on the right of the Shared Label which you want to delete. 

When you click on the 'trash' icon to delete a Shared Label, then a dialog box opens which you can see in the screenshot below

As is mentioned in the option 'Delete this label from Gmail for every user in these shared labels ', if you select this option, then Hiver will delete the Shared Label from the Gmail of all the users. If not selected, then the Shared Labels will stay in the Gmail, only further sharing of emails will stop. In either case no emails will be deleted from any account.

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