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Harvey is Hiver’s AI bot created to augment support teams’ productivity by performing intelligent actions on specific types of customer emails. Using sentiment analysis, Harvey detects and automatically closes conversations that get reopened due to non-actionable “Thank you” responses from customers. 

Thank You Detection is Harvey’s key feature that enables it to:

  • Intelligently identify customer responses having an underlying “thank you” sentiment 
  • Automatically close such conversations without requiring human intervention
  • Automatically tag the closed conversations with a “Harvey-Thank-You” tag

Here’s how you can enable/disable Harvey’s Thank You Detection

  1. Go to Hiver Settings > Admin Panel > Shared Mailboxes 
  2. Select the Shared Mailbox for which you would like to enable Thank You Detection
  3. Under Settings, scroll to the Harvey section 
  4. Enable/Disable the "Thank You Response Detection" toggle with a click

Here’s how you can view all conversations closed by Harvey’s Thank You Detection

  1. Head to {Shared mailbox} > All Views > Harvey-Thank-You 
  2. View the list of conversations closed by Harvey

What other functionalities will kick in when you enable Thank You Detection for a Shared Mailbox?

  1. A custom view called Harvey-Thank You would be created for the shared mailbox
  2. For each conversation acted on by Harvey, its activity panel will include the historical logs of actions performed by Harvey

When will Harvey act on a conversation?

  1. Harvey will only act on emails from senders who are not members of the shared mailbox
  2. Harvey will only act on a conversation when it has been marked closed by an agent
  3. Harvey will not act on any conversation that has been marked closed by an automation rule until an agent manually changes the status to closed 
  4. Harvey will not act on any conversation that was previously closed by it but was changed to pending/open status by an agent or an automation rule. Additionally, for such conversations, the Harvey-Thank-you tag will also be removed

What should you do if Harvey incorrectly classifies an email and closes a conversation?

In order to ensure high accuracy, Harvey has been designed to act on conversations only when its confidence score is high. Despite that, Harvey can sometimes make inaccurate classifications. 

To mitigate that, we recommend that you review the conversations under the Harvey-Thank-You custom view on a regular basis. From the custom view, you can re-open any conversation that was closed incorrectly and Harvey will not act on that conversation going forward. This will also be taken as a feedback signal to improve the accuracy of Harvey’s ML model. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Should an email contain the exact words “Thank You” for Harvey to act on it?

No. Harvey can detect a thank you sentiment from a wide range of words used in an email. 

What will happen if I disable Harvey’s Thank You detection?
  1. Harvey will stop acting on all conversations in the shared mailbox
  2. The Harvey-Thank-You custom view will be deleted 
  3. The Harvey-Thank-You tag will remain on conversations previously closed by Harvey
  4. All previous actions performed by Harvey on any conversation will be retained in the conversation’s activity log
What will happen if a customer responds to a conversation closed by Harvey?
  1. The conversation’s status will change to Open
  2. Harvey will start observing for “thank you” emails after the agent changes the conversation status to Closed
Can Harvey detect emails written in other languages that conform to a thank you sentiment?

Unfortunately, not at the moment.

Will Harvey close a conversation if a member of the shared mailbox replies with a thank you email?


Can I manually apply/remove the Harvey-Thank-You tag in a conversation?


Can I use the Harvey-Thank-You tag on filters?


Can I create an automation rule with the Harvey-Thank-You tag?


Can I create an SLA rule with the Harvey-Thank-You tag?


Can I customise the name/colour of the Harvey-Thank-You tag?


General policies

Emails confirming to a "thank you" sentiment are classified as "Thank You" emails
Examples: "Thanks", "Best Wishes", "Thank you", "Appreciate the help", etc...

Responses to thank you are classified as "Thank You" emails
Examples: "Welcome", "Best Wishes", "And you too", etc...

Emails containing wishes are classified as "Thank You" emails
Examples: "Happy 4th of July", "Have a great weekend", "Enjoy your holiday"

Emails containing simple affirmations are classified as "Thank You" emails
Examples: "Sure thank you", "Got it thanks", "that works thanks"

Emails containing additional declarative statements that attempt to initiate a follow-up are NOT classified as "Thank You" emails
Example: "Thank you for your help. Could you check on the account status?"

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