Managing contact settings

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Hiver derives the contact's company from the domain of their email address. For instance, if is the contact, then ‘’ is identified as the company.

Now, there could be some domains (e.g which don’t represent any organization as they are common email providers and ‘recent conversations’ from these might not be relevant.

By default, Hiver doesn’t consider the following email domains as company names -,,,,,,,,

However, these could vary from region to region and hence there's a way for you to add/remove common email providers. Follow the below steps-

  1. Go to Admin panel > Settings (left menu) > Contact Settings
  2. If you include a domain as a common email provider then the recent conversations from that company will be hidden for all users. You can always change this at a later point of time by revisiting the Contact Settings.
  3. For instance, if is added as a common email provider this is how the recent conversations from would look on any conversation.

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Recent conversations from contact and company