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Recent conversations help you gather more context about the customer and send them more contextual, and personalized responses. The context could be in terms of the nature of issues they reported earlier or the CSAT (Customer satisfaction score) they gave on previous conversations or to check if they have any other recent unresolved conversations.

Recent conversations with a Contact

While viewing a shared conversation, under the 'Contacts' tab on the right panel, you can also see the 'Recent conversations' with the contact and also the 'Recent conversations' with their company.

  1. You can view the 10 most recent conversations with the contact across all Hiver shared mailboxes of your account
  2. On each conversation, you can see the following information- 
    1. Subject of the conversation
    2. Shared mailbox that the conversation belongs to (If the conversation belongs to multiple SMs, then the tooltip will show you the list of other SMs that the conversation is part of)
    3. Conversation Status (Represented by a colored flag)
    4. Assignee on the conversation
    5. The last CSAT recorded on the conversation
  3. If you wish to know more about a certain recent conversation, you can tap on it to open it in another tab. 
  4. Inaccessible conversations-
    In the list of recent conversations, there could be some conversations which belong to shared mailboxes that you’re not part of. In such cases, you will not be able to access those conversations. The shared mailbox name and assignee (if present) are visible for such conversations if you wish to reach out offline to those teammates and discuss the conversation.

Recent conversations with Company

Apart from how a contact has interacted with your team, you can also see if there are other people from their company who have reached out and the nature of interaction that your team has had with them. 

  1. Tap on the Company tab under ‘Recent conversations’ to see the last 10 conversations from this company. 
  2. The same set of information (subject, shared mailbox name etc) is present on these conversations as well. You can also open any conversation in another tab if you wish to dig more into it.  
If you change the contact/company on any conversation as mentioned in this article, all the recent conversations will be updated to reflect the new contact (& company) 

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