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  1. Once you’ve created your chat inbox, the next screen you will see includes the Hiver chat widget-script. This script will have to be pasted inside the HTML code of your website.
  2. Click on the “Copy” button to copy the entire widget-script to your desktop clipboard.
  3. Once you've copied the script, ensure to paste it before </body> tag in every web page that you want the chat to trigger in. Or share it with your IT team to implement. Below is a reference of how the script should be added.
  4. If you have multiple sub-pages in your website and you want the widget to show up on all the pages, paste the script on the common layout area of your website. Generally, the header and footer areas of the website are common across different pages, but this would also depend upon how your website is built.
    Try pasting the script before </head> tag or </footer> tag if you wish to display chat widget on all pages of your website. If this doesn't work, then please consult your IT team to find the common layout area of your website where you can paste the script to view the widget in all pages.
Note: You can access the widget script anytime by clicking on the “Shared Inboxes” option on the left-side menu > Select the chat inbox from the displayed list > Go to “General Settings”.
Note: Hiver provides its branding on the chat widget for customers using Hiver's Lite account. To remove the Hiver branding from the widget, upgrade to a higher plan or write to us at support@hiverhq.com.

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