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Tags for shared mailbox

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Tags for shared mailbox help you organize your emails by categories. For example, if you use a shared mailbox to manage your customer support, you can use tags to organize your customer emails by the kind of questions they ask or problems they report. 

Create a tag

There are two ways of creating a tag

1. From the Tag panel
  1. Click on the Tags view in shared mailbox to go to the tag panel
  2. Click on the '➕' button on the tag panel 

2. From the Hiver right panel while you're inside a conversation

This is useful when you need to create a new tag while you’re adding tags to a conversation

  1. Open a conversation in your shared mailbox
  2. Click on the ‘Manage Tag’ button in the right panel
  3. Enter the name of the Tag
  4. Choose a color

NOTE: When you choose a color, the tag gets created in your shared mailbox. If you want to add this new tag to the conversation, click on ‘Done’

While creating a new tag, few important things to note: 

  • Every tag should have a unique name within the shared mailbox. The same tag name can be used in different shared mailboxes. The maximum permissible length for a tag name is 50 characters.

Only users with the role which have the permission to create tags can do so. While creating you can choose a color for the tag.

Apply a tag on a conversation

To apply a tag

  1. Open the conversation on which you want to apply a tag.
  2. Click on the ‘Manage tag’ button in the shared mailbox widget on the right. In the dropdown list, you would be able to see all the already tags on the conversation.

There are two ways you can add tags to a conversation:

  • Quickly add a single tag

If you're adding a single tag, you can hover on the intended tag and click on the '+' icon, and the tag gets added in one click.

  • Add/remove tags in bulk
    If you're managing multiple tags, use checkboxes to add/remove tags and press ‘Done’ to confirm changes.

Remove a tag from a conversation

To remove a tag

  1. Hover over the tag name to find a small cross to its right
  2. Click on the cross (✖️) to remove the tag from the conversation

Important points to note regarding tag application or removal: 

  • Anyone in the shared mailbox can apply/remove tags on a conversation and the action gets synced across all the users of the shared mailbox 
  • Whenever a tag is added or removed, an activity feed about the application of tag is created in the Activity pane.

Edit a Tag

After a tag has been created, you can go to the Tag edit pane to do any of the following

  • change its color
  • rename the tag
  • delete the tag 

To go to the Tag edit pane

  1. Click on the Tags view of the shared mailbox to see the list of tags in your shared mailbox
  2. Click on the three dots on the right of the tag that you want to edit

Any user can change the color of a Tag.

Only users who have the role which allow them to rename and delete a tag can do so. Click here to learn more about roles and permissions.

Any change to a tag gets reflected in all the emails which have the tag.
When a tag is deleted, it gets removed from all the emails on which it was applied. 

View emails with a tag

You can view all the emails with a certain tag by clicking on the Tags view in the shared mailbox and selecting that tag. You can filter this view to see emails with a certain status. To do so, 

  1. Click on the 'Select Status' dropdown to display the status options 
  2. Click on any option to apply the filter.

Create custom views with tags filter

You can create custom views with Tags filter which will allow you to see the emails which meet the conditions of the filter. You can find instructions here.


You can view metrics around Tags through the Analytics section. 

To learn more, please read about the Tags section in Analytics for Shared Mailbox.

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