Automating your workflow

Round Robin Assignment

Plans : Elite only You can use Round Robin Assignment to automatically assign emails received in a shared mailbox to the users of the shared mailbox in a round-robin manner. This ensures equal and pr…

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Auto Responder

Using Auto Responder, you can choose to automatically send a response every time a new email is received in a shared mailbox. Set up Auto Responder. Click on the yellow Hiver icon on Gmail and select…

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SLA for shared mailbox

Plan: Pro and Elite A Service Level Agreement or SLA is a mutually agreed measure of service which a support team provides to its customers. With proper SLAs in place, both the expectation of the cli…

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Send emails from your shared mailbox email id

You can reply and compose new emails in your shared mailbox by using your personal email address , or. email address of the shared mailbox , or. any alias of the email address of the shared mailbox t…

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Business Hours for shared mailboxes

Plans : Pro and Elite. Setting Business Hours for a shared mailbox lets you define the operating hours for that mailbox. Defining when your team is servicing the mailbox allows you to track SLA only…

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Automations for shared mailbox

Using automations, you can create workflows that will perform actions when certain conditions are met. Automations are specific to a shared mailbox and work on all the conversations that meet the spe…

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