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Hiver gives you reports/analytics for your Shared Mailboxes that helps you understand how your team is doing, your email volumes and areas for improvement. The reports provide an overview of all the important metrics for your team and also gives you a breakdown of each metric at the individual team member level.

To access reports for a Shared Mailbox

  • Go to the Hiver Admin panel
  • Click on the Shared Mailbox tab to see the list of Shared Mailboxes on your Hiver account
  • Click on the trends/ graphs icon on the right of the Shared Mailbox whose Reports you want to see. 

Hiver Report Explained

You can choose the time frame for which you want to generate the report through the 'calendar' box.

Overview pane

 This is the first part of the report. The fields of this part will also let you see a 'percentage' change. It will compare the data of the period you selected with the data of the immediately previous time period. eg if you choose a report for the month of May, it will compare against the data for the month of April and show you the percentage change. 

Please note that here we are talking about the whole conversation threads and not individual emails.

New conversations

On the left side, the number of new email conversation threads that have been added to the Shared Mailbox during that duration is visible. On the right side, the percentage change in the number conversations received in the selected and previous time frame is shown.  

Closed conversations

On the left side, the number of email conversations that have been closed by the team during that selected time frame is visible. On the right, the percentage change in the number of conversations closed in the selected and previous time frame is shown.   

Median time to first response

This metric will help you figure out how fast the team responds to a new email. This just considers the first response and not whether the state of the email was changed to 'closed' or not. 

The median is calculated based on the time taken to reply after assigning an email thread.

Median time to close

This metric will reflect how much time it takes for the team to 'close' a query.  This is based on the duration of time the email thread was in 'open' state.

Line Graph 

This is the second part of the report. Here, the number of emails received in the selected and in the immediately previous time frame is represented visually by plotting it on a line graph. 

X axis: The selected and previous time frame is split into equal sized portions. Both the selected and previous time frames are plotted and are differentiated by using color.

Y-axis:   Number of emails

Individual user level data

On the third part of the report, all the data is drilled down at the individual user level. This part shows how many emails were assigned to a user, in how many emails she participated, the median time for first response and the median time taken by her to close the emails. 

Please note that the reports are available only for Hiver accounts that are on the Plus plan, or in the 14 day trial period. If you’re on a different plan and want to access reports, please write to us on

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