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When a new chat conversation is started, it gets automatically categorized under “Unassigned” in the chat inbox menu (on the left-side panel of Gmail).

Now there are two ways in which a new chat can be assigned:

  1. By admin: An admin/supervisor can assign them to an agent, OR
  2. By agent: If an agent has marked them self as "Available for chat", they can > Select the “Unassigned” option to see a list of all open chats > Click on a chat name from the “Unassigned Chats” section > Once the chat opens, navigate to the right-side of the panel > Assign chat to them self from the “Assigned to” drop down menu (where they can also see other online agents)
Note: For easier assignment - the assignment drop-down menu alphabetically lists online agents first and then offline agents. The menu also has a search option built-in.

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