What Access Permissions Does Hiver Need To My Gmail/Google Account, And Why?

Updated 3 months ago ​by Deepanwita

Hiver needs the following permissions to your Gmail/Google account to operate:

  • View and manage email from Gmail“: Hiver uses this to monitor new emails arriving in your Gmail. We look at new emails, see if a shared label is applied to it or not and share is across users if needed. The sharing action requires us to “create” a new email in other users’ Gmail too.
  • Permanently delete emails from Gmail” : Hiver uses this permission for the Snooze feature. When an email needs to be bumped back to the top of the Inbox, the email is actually deleted and re-created. This would also soon be used to sync the deletion/trashing of emails across users when the email was shared with a shared label. This feature is currently under development.
  • Create update and delete labels“:  This is required for Shared labels feature. When you create a new Shared label, Hiver will create the label in Gmail for everyone the label is shared with. Similarly on deleting a Shared label, if the user chose the option to delete the label from Gmail too, Hiver will delete the label from Gmail.
  • Compose and send new email“: Hiver does not user this permission unless you are using the Send Later or Email tracking feature. Emails scheduled to be sent later are stored as Drafts in your Gmail. Hiver will automatically use the SMTP access to send that draft when the its time to send the email. Similarly, the Email tracking feature requires us to change the email body (by embedding a invisible tracking image in the email body) before the email is actually sent.
  • View Settings Labels and Filter“: We need this permission to set up the “Send As” feature automatically for user who are using Hiver Shared Mailboxes. Shared mailboxes enables users to send emails with the group email id.  We don’t need the Filter settings but it comes along with this permission. Also, it helps us sometimes in understanding and fixing issues where a user has a filter setup already which is causing a conflict with how shared labels are supposed to work.

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