Email templates for Shared Mailboxes

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Email templates lets you save some text, and easily embed it into any email you are composing. It is a great way to save time that would otherwise be wasted in writing the same or similar emails repeatedly.

Email templates can be grouped into folders, which can be shared with other users in your Hiver account. 

One good way of grouping templates into folders is to think of the the group of people who would all need access to the same set of email templates. Then, create a folder shared with that group of people, and put all templates this group needs access to in that folder.

Hiver automatically creates a folder called "Shared with All" for you.  Any email templates you put in this folder are shared with all users in your Hiver account.

Creating template folders

  1. Click on the 'Email Template' on the left pane in Gmail to see the list of folders shared with you
  2. Click on the 'Add' button on the right hand side of the list of folders to create a new folder  
  3. Enter the name of the folder, the list of people this folder needs to be shared with, and save the folder.


A template can only exist inside a folder. You can create a template within a folder or move a template from one folder to another.

To create a template

  1. Go to the Email Templates section, and click on the 'Create New Template' button. You can also go into the folder you want to create the template in, and click the button.
  2. Enter the contents of the template, select or change the folder that you want the template to be in, and save it. Please note that the template is automatically shared with the folder the template is in.

Edit a template

  1. Click on the template you want to edit, and then click on the 'Edit Template' button
  2. Make the changes you need to make, and the save.

The ‘Subject’ from the template is copied on the email. The ‘Name’ is not copied anywhere on the email and is for your reference only.  

To move a template from one folder to another

  1. Click on the template that you want to move and then click on 'Edit Template'
  2. Click on the dropdown 'Select Folder' and choose the folder to which you want to move the template
  3. Save the changes 

All Hiver users (Admins as well as Non Admins) can create email templates. Admins can view and edit all the templates, even if they are not shared with them. Non Admins can view and edit only the templates only the templates which they have created or which have been shared with them.  

Embedding Templates into emails

While composing or replying an email, you can embed a template on the email. To do so 

  • Click on the 'Template' button to open the email templates pane
  • Click on the template to embed it into the email. 

You can also search by the template’s name or subject to locate the template you want to use.

Things that you can include in email templates

Custom Variables : 

You can click on ‘{{}}’ symbol on the template to create custom variables. For example, you can create two custom variables in your template {FName} and {LName}

Hi {FName} {LName},

And when anyone tries to embed the template in the email, she gets a prompt which asks her to replace the variables which actual values.

Hyperlinks : 

Copy/paste any text/ link in the body of the template and click on ‘≈’ to get a prompt asking you the URL where the link will point to.

Images :

You can insert any publicly hosted image on Hiver templates. If you have your own image, you can host it on any free image hosting site and insert its URL in the template. 

To insert the URL on the template

Click on the 'image' icon on the template to open a box with a prompt asking you to enter the Image URL. Enter the URL and click on the 'insert' button to insert the image in the template.

If you want to insert any image from the internet, then do a right click on the image, click on 'Copy image address' and paste that on the Image URL on the template(as mentioned above).

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