Managing Emails in your Shared Mailbox

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The Shared Mailbox will be visible on the left Gmail pane of all the users. 

Managing emails

When any new email reaches the Shared Mailbox, it appears in the 'Unassigned' section of the Shared Mailbox for all the users of the Shared Mailbox.  

Note that emails sent to the Shared Mailbox don't appear in the Gmail inbox of a user, until the email is assigned to the user. Learn more about how Hiver does that.

You can assign an email to yourself or anyone in your team. 

Assign an email

  •  Click on the drop down 'Unassigned' in the Hiver widget on the right pane of your Gmail to find a list of all the users on the Shared Mailbox to whom the email can be assigned. 
  • Select on any user to assign the email to.
  • When you assign the email to someone, it disappears from the 'Unassigned' section of the Shared Mailbox and appears in their name under the Team dropdown in the Shared Mailbox. The person to whom you have assigned the email will also get a notification in their Gmail.
Assign to
Assign To

Find the emails assigned to you 

  • Click on the 'Mine' folder of your Shared Mailbox to see the emails which are 'open' and assigned to you
'Mine' folder in Shared Mailbox
'Mine' folder in Shared Mailbox

If you expand 'Team' in the Shared Mailbox, you will find labels/ folders with the name of all your team members. Click on any such label to see the emails which are 'open' and assigned to her.

To see the emails which a team member has closed. Click on their name and change Pending to Closed in the ' Shared Label name on the top.

Find all the 'open' emails
  • All the 'open' and 'assigned' emails can be found in 'All Assigned' section of the Shared Mailbox
All Assigned
All Assigned

Closing emails

Once an email is replied and resolved you can 'close' it.

Close an email

  • Click on the 'Open' drop down on the Hiver widget on the right pane of Gmail 
  • Select 'Close'.
Close Email in a Shared Mailbox
Close Email in a Shared Mailbox

Find all Closed Emails

  • Click on the 'Closed' label in the Shared Mailbox to see the list of 'closed' emails 
Closed Folder
Closed Folder

When a new email arrives on a Closed email thread, Hiver will automatically 'Open' the whole thread under the name of the user to whom it was last assigned. The email will also show up in their Inbox.

Collision Alert

The Collision Alert feature alerts you if you’re going to reply to an email in the Shared Mailbox that someone else is already replying to. This is very useful in customer support, where customer queries reach many agents, and anyone can start replying to any of the queries. This is how the collision alert looks like

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