Set up an Auto Responder

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Hiver Admins can set up Shared Mailbox to automatically send a response every time a new email is received in the Shared Mailbox.

To set up the Auto Responder, 

  • Click on the  green gear icon on Gmail and select the 'Admin Panel' option to view the Hiver Admin Dashboard
  • Click on the 'Shared Mailbox' tab(second tab from the top) to view the list of Shared Mailboxes on your Hiver account
  • Choose the Shared Mailbox where you want to add the Auto Responder and click anywhere on the row to view the options for the Shared Mailbox.

  • Click on the 'Auto Responder' tab and fill up the details 
  • You can choose to Enable or Disable the Auto Responder for the Shared Mailbox.

Auto Responder for Business Hours

Once the Hiver admins have assigned a Business Hour template to a Shared Mailbox then you can setup an Auto Responder for emails received either during Business Hours or Calendar Hours

Once you click on 'Auto Responder' tab

You can either set up an Auto Responder for "All incoming emails" or "According to Business Hours"

  • Choose All incoming emails option if you want to send an auto reply during the calendar hours ( irrespective of the Business Hours applied to that Shared Mailbox)
  • Alternatively, you can choose According to Business Hours  option if you want to send an auto reply to an email received during the Business Hours applied to that Shared Mailbox or  outside the Business Hours

When the first email in a conversation thread is sent from the Shared Mailbox email id then the auto responder email will not get triggered. 

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