Setting Up a Shared Mailbox

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You should already have an email id that you want to set up as a Shared Mailbox. This email id can be of one of these two types:

  • Gmail or G Suite account (ie, you can actually login to Gmail using this email id)
  • G Suite group or an Alias (ie, you forward email sent to this email id to your account)

If you do not have an email id already, then learn how to Add a new user to your G Suite account Or Create a new G Suite group

Create a new Shared Mailbox

  • Go to the Hiver Admin  panel   
  • Go into the Shared Mailbox section from the left navigation
  • Click on the button '+Create a new Shared Mailbox' 

Step 1

  • Enter the email id that you want to set up as a Shared Mailbox
  • Choose a name for your Shared Mailbox. This is the name that will be visible in your Gmail left panel. You can edit and change this name later too
  • Enter the email ids of the users who will have access to this Shared Mailbox. You can also type the email id of an user who is not on Hiver, in which case they will send them an email invite from Hiver
  • Click Next
Set Up Shared Mailbox
Set Up Shared Mailbox

Step 2

  •  Choose the type of email id that you had entered in the last step. The type can be either of these:

1) Gmail or G Suite accounts: This is a Gmail account that you have a password to, and can log in to access emails

2) Group or an Alias: This is a group or an alias account set up in your G Suite account, with users added to it. The group simply forwards the emails sent to it to the users added to the group. You'd need not have a password to this.

Verification for Gmail accounts

For Gmail accounts, Hiver requires you to log into the account with a password. So, if you are setting up as a Shared Mailbox, Hiver will require you to log into with the Gmail or G Suite password for this account.

This is required for Hiver to be able to connect to this account, and share the emails received in this account with all users who are managing the shared mailbox.

Verification for Groups or an Alias email id

For Groups and Aliases, Hiver requires that the emails being sent to the email account being set up as Shared Mailbox are delivered to the Gmail account of the user doing the set up. 

To take an example, if your Gmail account is, and you are setting up as a Shared Mailbox, Hiver requires that emails sent to are delivered to

Please make sure your group or alias is set up to forward emails to your email id for this to work correctly.

Hiver automatically creates Gmail Filters for emails sent to the Shared Mailbox email address to 'Skip the Inbox' and show up only under the Shared Mailbox Unassigned list.

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