Impact of business hour change on SLAs

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If you have defined business hours against your shared mailbox while creating SLA policies, you can choose if you want SLAs to run against only business hours. However, if these business hours are changed it will impact your existing conversations which are mapped to SLAs.

This is important as your team will officially start working in new business hours and the SLAs on the conversations should align to that.

Let's see how the existing conversations will behave when business hours in your mailbox are changed:

  1. Firstly, the impact on existing conversations is limited to only the ones which are mapped to such SLA policies which run on business hours. Any policies running on calendar hours and associated conversations are not affected at all.
  2. Also note that all new conversations created into the mailbox after business hour change will be mapped to the latest business hour configuration
  3. There are 3 ways of changing business hours-
    1. Editing the business hour template which is mapped to your shared mailbox
    2. Mapping a new business hour template to the shared mailbox
    3. Removing business hours from your shared mailbox settings
    4. In all the above cases, SLA policies which were running on business hours will now be considering the latest business hour setting. For case 3c, this would mean that now SLA policy will start running on calendar hours since the business hours have been removed.
  4. Most importantly, the SLA timers on the conversation will be updated as per the latest business hours
When business hours in mailboxes are updated, Hiver Analytics also considers the latest business hours while calculating First response and Resolution times.

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