Total SLAs applied to a conversation in its lifetime

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When you have enabled the SLA setting 'Apply SLA when conversation is created or tags on it are modified', your conversations will be re-evaluated when you apply/remove tags on them. This is useful when you want to reprioritise conversations based on latest customer updates. Know more about here.

When this setting is turned on, SLA system will update the policies on conversations automatically each time you add or remove a tag from the conversation. However, there's a limit on the total number of unique SLA policies that are applied to a conversation in its lifetime. This is ensure that system resources are optimally used and anomalies are ruled out so that the other conversations are not impacted.

  1. When a conversation has been mapped to 10 unique SLA policies, on the next tag change the SLA system will exclude this conversation from further re-evaluation.
  2. Here, 'unique' SLA policies means that if the same SLA policy is applied to the conversation twice over a period of time, it will be considered only once.
  3. Once SLA system excludes the conversation, on the conversation right panel you will see a message stating that this conversation is excluded from SLAs
  4. For someone investigating the timeline by looking at activity feed, they will also be able to see an activity feed stating the same

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