I have added a new user to Hiver but emails with Shared Labels are not syncing with her.

Deepanwita Updated by Deepanwita

There can be multiple reasons due to which emails are not appearing on the Gmail of a user whom you have recently added on your Hiver account.

  • Check if you have added her to the Shared Label

In addition to adding a user to the Hiver account, you should also add her as a user to the Shared Label for sharing to start. So the first step would be to check if she has been added to the Shared Label.

  • Check if she has 'approved' Shared Label sharing with her account

              In the Hiver Admin panel there are Advanced Options which you can set for every Shared Label. One of the options is 'Do not ask users for approval', when this option is turned 'off' then whenever you add a new user to a Shared Label, she will receive an email from Hiver asking her to approve the sharing of Shared Labels with her. Once she has approved, the sharing of emails will start. Sometimes it happens that the user misses out on the approval step and the sharing does not start. 

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