Why does Hiver need Conversation View to be switched ON in Gmail?

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Gmail has a "Conversation View" feature which allows for all emails in a conversation to be linked together on a single email thread. Hiver requires this feature to be switched ON for all users using the Shared Mailbox feature.

Hiver requires this for features like email assignments and notes to function properly. Also, this is very important for allowing Hiver to mark Closed emails as Open when there is a new response on such emails.

If you have Conversation View switched OFF in your Gmail, please follow the steps below to turn it ON:

  • Login to Gmail.
  • Click on Gmail Settings (Smaller Gear Icon).
  • Select Settings from the drop-down.
  • Choose General.
  • Scroll to locate 'Conversation View'.
  • Select the radio button for "Conversation View On".
  • Scroll to the bottom and hit Save Changes. 

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