Why don't emails sent to the shared mailboxes appear in my Inbox?

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Hiver makes new emails sent to the shared mailboxes skip your Gmail Inbox, and appear only under the Unassigned view of the shared mailbox. This is done to make sure your main Gmail Inbox is not cluttered with emails that were sent to the shared mailbox.

Do note that when an email from the shared mailbox is assigned to you, Hiver copies it to your Gmail Inbox so that it gets your attention.

Hiver makes emails sent to the shared mailbox skip your Gmail Inbox by automatically creating filters in your Gmail account. Lets illustrate this with an example.

If you have set up the email id support@hiverhq.com as a shared mailbox in Hiver, Hiver would create a filter in your Gmail account that looks like this:

Do note that when you delete a shared mailbox from the Hiver admin panel, these filters are automatically deleted by Hiver. 

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