What happens if I add email accounts to Hiver which are aliases of each other?

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G Suite allows you to set up alias email ids for any email account. Both the primary email id and the alias email id point to the same Gmail account. If both these accounts are added individually to a Shared Mailbox, it can cause multiple issues with Hiver and the concerned Gmail account.

As a precautionary measure, Hiver tries to detect alias accounts and treat them as a single account.

When a user from your Hiver account logs in, Hiver tries to detect whether this user already has an alias email id in our records. In case Hiver finds that an alias email id exists, Hiver will treat both the primary account and the alias account as one and would not perform any additional operations on the alias account. Speaking technically, any Gmail API operations will not be performed for the alias account and would be performed for the primary account only.

Whenever Hiver detects an alias account, the primary user and all the admins of the Hiver account will be notified about this.

If you think that Hiver incorrectly detected an actual email account as an alias email id and you were notified about this, please get in touch with our customer support at support@hiverhq.com to get this resolved.

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