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If you want to quickly access all conversations where SLAs are Overdue or Due soon, you can use Hiver default views- Overdue, Due soon.

Due soon view will only be visible only if your admin has added the 'Due soon status' while creating SLA policies. Due soon status (SLA reminders) feature is present only on the latest Elite plan. If you're on an older version of Elite, please upgrade to get access to this feature.

Here's how you can access these views:

  1. From your shared mailbox on Gmail left panel, go to 'All views'
  2. Tap on 'Overdue' to see all the conversations where either First response or Resolution is Overdue
  3. Tap on 'Due soon' to see the list of conversations where either First response or Resolution is Due soon
  4. There could be some conversations which are present in both Overdue and Due soon view. Example: First response on the conversation is Overdue while Resolution is Due soon. You will be able to see only the next action due (First response) in the list view but when you go inside the conversation and see complete SLA details, you will be able to see Resolution as Due soon in this case.
  5. If you need to access these views frequently, you can star them so that they appear in your top 5 views and you don't need to visit 'All views' section every time
If you wish to understand how the Overdue conversations are split among your team, you can use 'Workload distribution' inside Overdue view to visualise this. Refer to the below screenshot.

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