Working with emails in your shared mailbox

Manage emails in a shared mailbox

You can see all the shared mailboxes of which you are a user in the left Gmail pane. The following image shows where you can find the shared mailbox 'Support' on your Gmail. Status of emails. An emai…

Updated 8 months ago by Deepanwita

Import emails to a shared mailbox

If you have just set up an email id, say, on Hiver as a shared mailbox, there is a chance that you have been receiving emails on this email id for some time now, and want those em…

Updated 2 years ago by Niraj

Manage spam for shared mailbox

It is very easy to manage the Spam emails coming to your shared mailbox. Spam emails are treated the same way irrespective of whether the shared mailbox is a Gmail type or Group type. What happens wh…

Updated 1 year ago by Deepanwita

Remove emails from shared mailbox

You can remove an email from a shared mailbox in the following two ways Trash an email by using Gmail's 'trash/delete' button . In this case, the email gets removed from the shared mailbox for all th…

Updated 1 year ago by Deepanwita

Manage Notifications

Hiver alerts you with Notifications right in your Gmail when certain events occur that require your attention. This ensures important events are brought to your notice so that you can take action on…

Updated 1 year ago by Deepanwita

Manage sent emails

All users of Hiver shared mailboxes see the following type of emails under the Sent section in their Gmail: Emails sent by them. Email sent by other users of the shared mailboxes they are a part of.…

Updated 6 months ago by Deepanwita


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