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Hiver alerts you with Notifications right in your Gmail when certain events occur that require your attention. This ensures important events are brought to your notice so that you can take action on them in a timely manner.

You can find your notifications in the top right corner of your Gmail screen by clicking on the yellow bell icon (đź””).

Events that lead to such notifications are listed below


Notification recipient

a note is written or replied to using @all

all users of the shared mailbox

a note is written or replied to using @mentions

mentioned user

an email is assigned to a user manually, using auto-assignment or automations 

assigned user

CSAT feedback is received

recipient of the CSAT

Hiver product updates

all users of the account

a new email reaches the shared mailbox

all members of the shared mailbox

Changes in settings that need review. Click here to see the list.

admins/mailbox admins

SLA is violated - first response time

users mentioned in the notify users section for each SLA

SLA is violated for resolution time

users mentioned in the notify users section for each SLA

List of settings that need review

1. Alias detected

2. Automations disabled due to tag deletion

3. Automations disabled due to user deletion

4. Auto assignment enabled

5. Slack connector disabled due to invalid setting

The two sections in the notification panel are

  1. Priority: You can choose the type of notifications that show in this section. We recommend that you choose notifications that require your immediate attention or notifications that you want to refer to later to show in this section.
  2. All: This contains all notifications received by you.

To view only your unread notifications, click on the 'Only unread' checkbox on the top right corner of the Hiver Notifications panel.

To mark all your Hiver notifications as 'read' click on the 'Mark all as read' icon next to the gear icon in the Hiver Notifications panel.

The 'Mark all as read' icon is tab-specific. i.e Clicking on the 'Mark all as read' icon while you're on the Priority notifications tab will only mark the Priority notifications as read. Similarly, clicking on the 'Mark all as read' icon while you're on the All notifications tab, will mark all notifications as read.

How to customize the Priority tab

  1. Click on the Notifications bell icon (đź””)
  1. Click on the Settings icon (⚙️)
  1. Use the toggle switches to select the types of notifications that you want to see in your Priority section
  1. You can also choose to see the count of only new priority notifications on the bell icon. To do so, select 'Only new priority notifications' under the 'Display counts for' setting.
Only those types of notifications will be visible to you which are active on your account. For example, if CSAT is not enabled on your account, you will not be able to see that in your notification settings.
Browser notifications on desktop and push notifications on mobile are not impacted by notifications settings. You will still receive all browser/push notifications if enabled.

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